Vanni looked out over the cemetary with its rows of stones.  His brothers stood not far away.  His father stood further back.  “Well, we’re altogether,” he said softly.  “Just like you wanted.”

 “We’re finally a family again,” Philippe added.  He took each of his brother’s hands and smiled gently between them.  They were a most unusual family.  Vanni was a human mage.  He was a vampire and Patrice was somewhere in between the two.  Still, there was no doubt that they were related.  All had their mother’s coloring.

 “The question now is: what will Cris do?” Patrice said.

 “He’s had no problem raising you all these years,” Vanni pointed out.

 “He gave me treatments to subdue my vampire side, Vanni.  Those treatments won’t work for Philippe.  He’s too old now.”

 The youngest brother looked at their mother’s grave.  “She wanted us to be raised as brothers.  Father will respect that.  He may be anxious about Philippe being a vampire, but he’ll honor her wishes.  He will always love her.”

 “True,” Patrice agreed.  He reached over and took Vanni’s hand and smiled.  They’d be fine now.  They were a family.