Darius sighed as he looked out over the ocean.  His visions had been strange lately.  He didn’t need to seem outside stimulus anymore.  All he need to do was wonder about something and he’d see it.  They had also shifted from merely showing the past to showing what was going to happen and even what was happening in another area.

 He sat on a log and opened his book.  He was intending to write about the faeries he’d seen flitting among the flowers that dotted the shore.  Suddenly the page swam out of focus.


Miraro lighted on a flower and leaned in to sip the sweet nectar.  Suddenly, something caught him from behind.  He had enough time to cry out before his breath was cut off by a rope-like appendage that his captor wrapped around his neck.  His legs kicked almost spasmodically and all around him he could see other faeries in similar situations.  His whole tribe was dying before his eyes.  Then the world faded to dark.


Darius came out of the vision coughing and gagging as if he’d been the one strangled to death.  He looked up and saw the faeries still flitting among the flowers.  His eyes widened as he saw Miraro.  The faerie was imminently recognizable by his bright blue hair and matching bat-like wings.

 “Look out!” he shouted as he saw the faerie hovering over the flower he’d landed on in the vision.  Faeries, he’d always been told were very shy.  His outcry scattered them to the four winds.  Beneath the sands something writhed, angry at having lost its meal.  Darius sighed in relief and sat back on the log.