In spring everything seems new.  The trees start budding.  Little plants push up through ground that had been barren only weeks before.  Baby animals abound.  Cherry trees blossom. 

Orbsen smiled.  There were areas in Mag Mell that were frozen perpetually in one season.  In Tirna Nog, that season was spring.  The only change was the ones that the deiva couldn’t live without.  Vegetables and grains would still progress as if the seasons marched on.  It was the only hint that summer and autumn came and went.

In the past year, things had changed.  There was a new emperor.  During his father’s reign, as the old emperor became more focused on himself and less on his land and people, the cherry trees had bloomed less and less.  Not as many flowers peeked up out of the ground.  In short the land was dying.  Looking around, Orbsen decided one thing.  Winter was needed.  The cycle had to come full circle.

Now, at the end of a winter that his people had feared and dreaded and finally come to accept, Orbsen smiled as the cherry trees outside his window began to burst with buds.  Spring had arrived.  The world was new.