Aaden swept the tiled walkway and smiled, humming softly to himself.  Autumn was upon them and the leaves fell almost continually from the trees.  Clearing the walkways was a part of his duties.

 One might expect that the breezes that shook the leaves loose might also serve to clear the paths but they did not.  The wind was strong enough to clear the trees but not the path.  Thus, it fell to Aaden to do so.  He didn’t mind.  Clearing the paths was a duty he could take all day at.

 When winter set in and the leaves ceased to fall, other duties would return.  His master did not wish him to tend to shoveling the path.  Other, stronger, servants were set to that.  When no leaves fell or the breezes didn’t shake them loose, his master would call him inside.  Aaden sighed as he thought about his other duties.  If only the breezes could blow over a never-ending crop of leaves, he thought, he would be much happier.