“Pumas writing with fine-point ballpoint pens,” Edward read.  “Chloe, what is this?”

 “What I would be happy to take home with me from the book we read in school.  I drew it, see all my pumas with pens?” she stood on tiptoes to show him the picture she’d drawn.

 “Why pumas?” Ed asked.

 “Pumas are a kind of cat, Daddy,” she said as if that should explain everything.

 “I’d like a dancing cat,” Al piped up.  Both Edward and his daughter gave him a funny look.  “It would be fun to dance with my cat,” he explained.

 “Cats don’t dance,” Chloe said.

 “They don’t write with fine-point ballpoint pens, either,” Ed pointed out.

 “They did in the book though,” Chloe said.  “I want that book Daddy.  Can we find it?”  Ed smiled as he allowed his daughter to lead him into the den to read a story.