Orbsen sighed and readjusted his circlet.  “I hate making speeches,” he groused.  “I never know where to start.”

 “Make a joke.  It breaks the ice and puts your audience at ease,” Kassel advised.

 “I don’t know any jokes,” Orbsen said after a thoughtful moment.  “Well, I know jokes but they’re either really bad, really old, not pertinent or a combination of the three.”

 “That’s a joke,” Almace said.

 “Huh?” Orbsen said, turning to face him.

 “My advisors said I should open with a joke, but all the jokes I know are too old, too awful, not pertinent or a combination of the three,” Almace said.

 “Anyone heard any good, recent jokes that have to do with new advisory positions?” Orbsen quipped.  “Yeah, they’ll be rolling in the aisles.”

 Janis shook his head.  “Just be yourself.  You have wit, even if you don’t realize it.”  Orbsen grinned and nodded.  “Go on now, before you’re late.”