Darius gazed out into the garden.  The grass was a vibrant green, as it always was in Mag Mell.  It was early enough in the season that none of the garden flowers had bloomed.  However, the tree had bloomed earlier in the week and wildflowers dotted the grass.

 “It’s beautiful,” his wife murmured.

 “It is, even without the cultivated flowers in bloom,” he agreed.  “It was even more so when the trees were in bloom but now all the petals are falling off.”

 “Now it’s just the mayflowers,” she said.  Darius blinked in confusion and then remembered the old name for the purple and white flowers that dotted the grass.  There was something about the wildflowers standing in for the cultivated flowers that reminded him of how the hal-deiva, like he and his wife, interacted with the full deiva.

 “Only the violets, until the rest of the garden blooms.  The violets will do,” he finished, hugging her.