There is a world that is so tiny that it cannot be seen with human eyes.  Not the world of microbes – nothing that small.  It is instead the world of Kelsaeans.  They are tiny people – hardly bigger than the head of a tack.

 Kelsaeans live much like insects.  They harvest the tiny grains of seed from grasses and the nectar from flowers and aphids.  They make their homes in the cracks of walls or beneath the paving stones.  One might almost think they were insects.  One mustn’t be fooled however.

 Kelsaeans are people of great learning and artistic endeavors.  Their paintings are too small for human eyes to appreciate but the details of the works are incredible.  One might almost feel like they could walk into the picture.  Their libraries are filled to overflowing with books and scrolls that contain knowledge lost to humans centuries ago.

 Finally, Kelsaeans are mages of remarkable strength.  It is as if the magic contained within an average mage is concentrated into their tiny beings and thus made even stronger.  We are truly fortunate that our great size leads them to largely ignore us.