Philippe sat up and listened to the soft music that had woken him for a few moments before standing.  He walked like someone who was in a trance.  He wasn’t quite entranced by the music, but if he let it the song would lull his senses.

 He followed the song to its source – the garden.  It was dark and most of the flowers were closed for the night.  There in the gazebo a beautiful red-haired woman stood.  It was she who sang so sweetly.  He could see that she wasn’t a vampire when she opened her mouth.

 “What are you doing here?” Philippe asked as the song drew to a close.

 “I came for you,” she replied.  She held out her hands and without a second thought, Philippe took them.

 “What do you wish of me?” he asked.  She set a hand on his eyes and he closed them.  Then he sank to the soft earth.

 “You are a vampire who chooses not to feed on humans or even the blood of animals, yes?” she asked.

 Her voice was musical.  When she spoke it was as if she sang.  Philippe felt compelled to answer truthfully.  “Yes,” he murmured.

 “Your brothers are not vampires, true?” she asked.

 “Yes,” he replied softly.  “Patrice by virtue of the treatments he underwent as a child and Vanni by birth.”

 “Would you like to be as they are?” she asked.  “Do you know what you would lose if you were human?”

 “My gifts over fire.  My gift of flight.  My strength.  My thirst for blood,” he murmured.  “But I would be able to be near them without worrying that I’d bite them in a moment of excitement.”

 “Is this a fair trade?” she asked.

 “Yes,” he replied.  Then he felt suddenly cold.  He couldn’t stop shivering.  Then he could but not from warmth.  It was as if all the heat was drawn from his body.  Then the sensation stopped as suddenly as it had started.  Philippe sat up and looked around in shock.  He was alone in the garden.

 Curious, he set a finger to his teeth.  They were all the same shape.  He had no more fangs.  He was as human as his brothers.  He shivered again – but not from the cold.