Darius looked up into the trees in wonder. Legends had told of this place but he never expected to see it with his own eyes. The flowers on the trees glowed faintly. Stories held that if you plucked the blossoms the light would never fade. Darius wondered, since no one had seen this place in centuries, what happened if you didn’t pluck them but let them grow. He wondered if the fruit of the trees glowed as well. He sat, watching the trees, for hours in silence.

He dosed off after some time and woke to the sound of footsteps. Still silent in the thicket he’d nestled in he watched as giant oni prodded smaller fey-like beings toward the glowing trees. The small beings plucked the blossoms with a show of great reluctance. Darius stared in shock as they ate the glowing flowers. When they had consumed the flowers, their eyes took on a strange appearance. Their pupils and irises disappeared and the whites took on the same strange glow that had been in the flower.

“Now they’re ready for the mines,” one oni said as he led the fey out of the forest. Darius stood silently and shook his head. The legends had never mentioned eating the flowers. However, he wondered if the glow would fade from the feys’ eyes. He wondered if they were blinded or if they now would see in the darkness of the mines. Silently he crept after the oni. It was his duty as a chronicler to find out.