Mustang was at a loss for words for once.  The idea of consoling someone like the Fullmetal Alchemist struck him as strange.  The boy always seemed strong, impervious.  “It gets better,” he murmured.  “It won’t always hurt so much.”

 “Have you ever lost a child?” Ed snapped.  His voice crackled with unshed tears.  The question was fierce.

 “No… only friends.  He lived a good long life,” Roy tried again.

 “Most of it without me,” Ed returned angrily.

 “But not alone.  Ed, he had a family.  He was happy and his mother told him enough about you that you didn’t repeat your father’s mistake.  You didn’t abandon him.”

 “Not on purpose,” Ed managed softly.

 “He always knew you cared for him and his mother,” Roy pointed out.  “You were with him in the end.”

 “I was with my parents in the end too.  It doesn’t make it easier,” Ed murmured.  The anger was leaving him.  He’d grieve now.

 “Let the rain fall when it must, Ed,” Roy murmured.  “The fields are always better for it.”  He stepped back, pretending not to notice when it did fall.