Llyr chuckled as he came around the bushes that hid the path.  His fiancé was hiding in the garden, waiting to be found.  Llyr grinned at the thought of surprising her.  His tutor thought that such things were beneath his station as True-born heir and prince of Mag Mell, however the pair didn’t really pay him any mind.  “Morena,” Llyr called teasingly.  “I’m coming to get you.”

 He heard a feminine giggle but lost track of it before he found the girl he was searching for.

 “Highness,” a weary voice called.  Llyr chuckled and ducked down into a thicket as the voice continued, “Highness, we’ve no time for games.  You have to return to your lessons.”

 The young prince stifled a chuckled as the stuffy tutor passed by his hiding place a few times and finally gave up.  As he was standing hands covered his eyes.

 “Guess who,” a feminine voice chirped.

 “Morena!” Llyr greeted as he whirled to catch her around the waist.  Their lips met in a passionate kiss and he smiled down at her as they stepped back.  “You didn’t let me find you,” he accused.

 “I was bored so I came looking for you,” she said.  “What did Master Helaku want?”

 “Lessons,” Llyr replied dismissively.  “Shall we continue?”

 “Catch me first,” Morena invited as she dashed away into the garden.  Llyr chuckled delightedly and ran to chase her.