Edward lay for a long time watching the little insects as they made their way back to their nest.  They were so small that a grain of sand was like a boulder would be to him.  They were so small they had difficulty negotiating the path when, as it was now, dew dotted each leave and blade of grass.  The tiny bubbles of water were like pools to the insects.

 Somehow the insects continued on their way however.  Even when they seemed alone on the path, they continued.  Even when something blocked their way, they continued.  When they encountered a larger fiercer insect, they found a way to continue.

 This was perseverance, Ed knew.  That… something, that made the insects continue, even when things seemed bleak.  He glanced over at his brother.  It wasn’t so long ago that Alphonse was nothing more than a soul attached to armor.  It wasn’t that long ago that they had been literally worlds away from each other.  Still they had persevered.  They were together.  They were both in proper bodies – not perfect, Ed reflected as he flexed his prosthetic hand – but human enough.

 Now, they were living in a borrowed world.  Strangers pursued them even as they searched for a weapon that never should have left their own world.  He smiled as the first insect in the line made it to the safety of the burrow.  The others would join it soon.  Then they would leave the safe haven to gather more grain.  The struggle was continuous but they didn’t stop.  They didn’t complain or worry.  He sat up and smiled over at his brother.  They would continue in their own struggle, he knew.  They might never rest completely from their struggle but that didn’t mean it wasn’t worth continuing.