In the Midst of this World we Stroll Along the Roof of Hell Gawking at Flowers

Toshiro stood on a high walkway, looking down at his new compound.  It was a vast area littered with intricate walkways and paths.  Unlike the Seventh Squad compound, hardly any gardens broke up the monotony.  He sighed and began to walk along the path.

 The compound was his now, to do with as he chose.  However, he had just moved into the area.  While a part of him wanted to tear up the dry boring walkways and paths and add some gardens, another part told him not to make waves.  He was the youngest captain ever.  He didn’t want to seem petulant or childish.

 A sudden flash of color caught his eye and he darted toward it.  There he found it.  It was just a lawn.  There weren’t any flowers except for the occasional wild weed that braved the sterile landscape.  He smiled, envisioning the field with a small garden at its center – like a miniature forest.  Perhaps he would add a water feature.  And all around the grove, in the lawn and perhaps even up to the walkways – daffodils.  They were the Tenth Squad’s flower after all.

 “Captain,” his second called.  “What are you doing up there?”

 “Looking at the flowers,” he called back before settling down on the roof.  “Just looking.”