Myro landed on a rocky ledge and glanced back at Saira.  Her eyes were red-rimmed from crying but she seemed to be calming down now.  They had both lost their parents in the fighting.  His father had been the elder while her mother was the sub-elder.  Now he filled his father’s post and she her mother’s.  It felt strange to be in charge and even stranger to be in charge of his oldest friend.

 “Is it nearby?” he asked softly, trying to get her mind off whatever had upset her enough to make her cry.

 “Yeah,” she murmured hoarsely.  “I went with my mother last year when she did this,” she volunteered after a moment.  Myro nodded, waiting for her to continue.  “She was showing me what to look for in a summering over place.  I… guess I didn’t expect to need to know so soon.  I guess… she knew better, huh?”

 “They just… wanted us to be prepared… in case… a lot of people died in the fighting,” Myro said.  “Even before that last… last battle.”

 “Yeah,” Saira sighed and jumped into the air.  “Let’s go.  It’s just over this rise.”  Myro nodded and followed.  The Ice Dragens would continue.  It might be difficult and wearying to replace parents, aunts and uncles that had filled positions formerly, but they would survive.