Myro smiled as he watched the birds flit from branch to branch.  His mother had taught him to appreciate the beauty in the small things all around him.  Whether it was the small woodland animals, the sparkling dew on a spider’s web or a perfectly round pea in his soup – all beauty could be appreciated.

 Soon, even in the mountains, the air would be too hot for the ice dragens to venture out of their caverns.  Saira had found a fine summering cavern for the clan.  There was space enough to fly around, even in their dragonic forms.  There were many small side caverns to spread out in.  The air was just the right temperature that they would be comfortable.  There was even an underground lake for the dams to lay eggs in.

 Myro smiled broader thinking about their summer home.  In the fall, they would emerge into the open once more.  This view, with the myriad of trees and wildlife would greet them.  Yes, indeed, this was the perfect summering cavern for the clan.