Myro bounded into the room and looked up at his father.  The elder was smiling at him.  Then he glanced at his mother.  She, too, was smiling.   “It’s my first flight,” he said, bouncing on his heels.

 “It is indeed,” his father said.  “Today you will go out to fly for the first time.”

 “You’ll need a special outfit,” his mother said, handing him a parcel that was wrapped in silk.

 Myro hugged her as he took the package.  He carefully unwrapped it.  There was a brightly colored, embroidered vest, a soft robe-shirt and long billowing pants.  “Mother, it’s wonderful.”

 “Let me help you get it on,” his father said.  First robe shirt went on over his long tunic.  It was tied shut with a narrow belt.  Then the pants were drawn up over both his tunic and shirt.  His father wrapped the fastening belt over his tail and then tied it in the front.  Last came the fine vest.  Mryo smiled up at his father.  “So grown up,” his father murmured.

 Mryo smiled at both his parents as he ran out of the cavern to join the other fledglings.  Today he would soar.