Zarentil frowned as Seranil left him.  Why did he always have to do the dirty work anyway?  Why couldn’t the other dragen run any of his own errands?  He certainly had the ideas and the plans but when it came to the follow through, he just couldn’t do it without help.

 The fire elder waited until Seranil’s second was alone to attack.  Without witnesses it would be very easy to blame the attack on demons.  The smaller dragen went easily enough, if not quietly.  He moaned and whimpered throughout the attack.  He gasped and wept as the eggs flowed out of him.  He was only silent as his blood oozed out over the floor.

 Seranil gathered the eggs.  The halflings would make useful slaves after they grew a little.  They would be small, like their dam, perfect for the mines.  The other dragens would assume the demons ate the eggs.  The fire elder smiled at a job well done.  It wouldn’t be long until someone found the body.  But he’d be long gone by then.  It was one more step to his being the second most powerful dragen in the realm.