They were meant to remain inside.  Both of his parents had told him to stay inside separately.  Saira, to, had been told by her mother to remain inside.  All the fledglings and nestlings were to stay inside with the more venerable members of the clan during the fighting.  It was meant to keep them safe, Myro knew.

 Saira was curious, however.  She kept going out on the overlook to see what was going on.  They couldn’t see what was going on from where they were, of course.  Every time she went out, Myro would follow her, to keep her out of trouble.  Every time they went out, his grandfather would find them and bring them back into the den.

 “Your parents left you in my care until they return,” he said softly.  “Stay in the den where I can watch you.”

 “Yes, grandfather,” Mryo said, as he had each time.  He settled down on a bench with a book and glanced over at Saira.  She looked ready to go out again.  “Stay there,” he hissed.  “You’re going to get us in trouble.”

 She shrugged.  Myro knew that the other dragen was going to get him in trouble again, no matter how hard he tried.  They both grinned.