Tears Cannot be Forgotten as Long as There is Song

 The end of the war against the demons was years ago now and most of the people in the region had moved on.  There were a few that, though they had been merely fledglings at the time would never forget the end of the war.  Many of those were from the ice dragen clan.

 A full ninety percent of the ice dragen warriors who fought that final battle had been lost.   They had left behind comrades who had been too injured by previous battles to participate in the final catastrophic one.  They had left behind mates and spouses.  They had left behind parents, nestlings and fledglings.

 One of those fledglings was the present elder of the clan.  He listened to the anniversary songs honoring the fallen with closed eyes.  The memories were still painful.  He still had such regrets.

The demons had yet to emerge, though his grandfather and the other mages still said they would sooner or later.  Myro leaned against the wall and listened to the song.  Never forget, it urged.  Some day the demons would return and everyone must be ready to stop them for good.  A part of him dreaded that time.  He hoped that didn’t make him a coward.