I cry surrounded, amidst the light and shadow you have left behind

Tifferin looked over the carry-sack he had packed one more time.  It held the most portable of his worldly goods as well as food for the journey he was about to undertake.  He had been chosen as one of the worldgate sentinels.

 For the next three years his duties would include careful measurements of the gate.  If it opened to a certain dimension, he may even be required to send a probe of magic through to see if the demons had opened it or if it was weakening on its own.  In the event of a probable attack of demons, he would be called upon to warn the rest of dragenkind.

 Tifferin sighed as he thought about how he had come to this point.  When he’d been training, his father had thought he would never amount to more than a third-rate mage.  Then suddenly, when he was placed in an actually dangerous situation, his magic had blossomed to an amazing level.  Now he was more than capable of any magic that he might be called upon to use in the field.

 He replaced an old pictograph of his magic class in the carry-sack and sighed.  So many had been killed or maimed in the war against the demons.  Denair had been a dear friend and it still pained Tifferin that he hadn’t been able to stop the demons who’d kidnapped the other apprentice.  Worse yet, the old ones in the clan had dismissed his claim that Denair had been carried off alive.  Hoped had fooled his mind they said.  The demons didn’t take hostages.  They merely killed and ate.

Tifferin growled now as he had growled then.  No one had believed what he’d seen with his own eyes.  Demons didn’t kidnap dragons, they killed them and ate them.  Any disappearances were blamed on the ravenousness of the beastly creatures.  Any chance that someone might still be alive and in the clutches of the demons was quickly dismissed.

 He shook his head.  One of the things he would do if he was ever allowed to send a probe into the demon realm would be to search for energy from dragens.  Even if they didn’t perform magic, energy left them all the time.  If Denair, or other dragens, were trapped in the demon world, their energy would have permeated that other world by now and it would show up on a probe.  Then he would have proof.