Feel the freedom like no tomorrow

 Kyaira smoothed her dress over her and watched herself in the mirror as she tied her hair up in a pair of ponytails.  Then she tied a yellow ribbon around her head to keep the inevitable stray hairs from falling in her eyes.  When she was done she smiled at the completed picture before scampering out the door.

 She was excited.  Today she was going to her new assignment.  She was the first light dragen to be chosen as a sentinel for the world gate.  Those it had been a light dragen that had made the seal to keep the demons in their fell world, the light dragens hadn’t been called upon to deal with the gate since that time.  It had been almost ten years since then.

 Kyaira giggled as she thought about where she’d been ten years ago.  A simple apprentice to one of the most powerful light dragen mages in the clan.  It was he who had thought up the spell that had sealed them.  He had used the combined power of fifteen light dragen mages to form the seal.  She had been there to watch.

 It had been from a distance, so she hadn’t gotten to see the actual battle.  But it had been very exciting.  She remembered how frustrated her master had been that the spell hadn’t formed a complete seal.  He just couldn’t understand.  Surely fifteen powerful mages should have the power to completely seal such a rift.  It was inconceivable that the plan hadn’t worked.

 The perceived mistake had cost the reputation of many light dragen mages.  It had cost them a place at the World Gate Keep.  Now, finally she would be able to redeem her master.  Kyaira would represent her clan at the keep.

 Better still, she was finally going to be able to make choices for herself.  That was a prospect she liked best of all.  He former assignment had been as a messenger; first for her master, then for the elder.  She thought back on those days fondly but she was glad to finally be moving on.

Her master had never lived down the humiliation of that day.  Kyaira had been reassigned as a messenger for the elder.  It was important work but she’d had no freedom of movement.  She’d had to remain close at hand in case the elder needed to send a message.  It wasn’t difficult work.  It was boring.  She hoped that being a world gate sentinel would be exciting or at least interesting.

 “Bye!” she called over her shoulder as she took off to fly to the world gate keep.