We’re All Trapped in a Maze of Relationships

Aeriella sighed and looked up at the board. They had been at the world gate keep for six months now. It was to be expected that their partners would shift some time. They couldn’t expect to work with the same person for the entire three years. She had gotten used to Chiela’s quiet ways though. She didn’t know what to expect of Tifferin.

She shifted her wings beneath her cape and looked over her shoulder. Chiela seemed to be getting to know her new partner well enough. The fire dragen had also seemed to be the type of person who found it easy to make friends however. Aeriella didn’t see herself that way. Returning her gaze to the new duty roster, she wondered if Martel would be able to handle the vibrant Kyaira.

Without meaning to she shifted her gaze over to the tired looking light dragen. She’d been on the early morning shift and was ready to get some sleep. Tifferin insisted they have breakfast first, as he always did. Even as tired as she was, she looked beautiful. The vagrant thought made her blush and turn away. They had two and a half more years to get through together, she couldn’t think that way about her co-workers.

If getting involved with Norrell had been any indication, it wasn’t a good idea to have that kind of relationship with a co-worker. By the time she’d left to become a world gate sentinel, the atmosphere in their workplace had become almost toxic. She wasn’t about to let that kind of thing happen again. It was better to just ignore the other girl.

Kyaira settled back to eat her fruit bowl. She would miss Tifferin’s older brother type of guidance. She was certain that martel wouldn’t make sure she ate breakfast after working an early shift. Then she’d wake up ravenous and have to wait until lunchtime to eat. Martel seemed to be lost in his own world half the time.

She looked up in time to see Aeriella glare at her a moment, then look away. The dark dragen didn’t seem to like her. She was as nice as she could be, but still the other girl hardly spoke to her. “I don’t think Aeriella like me all that much,” she said softly to Tifferin.

“She’s hard to read,” Tifferin said around a mouthful of pastry. He swallowed and took a sip of tea. “She doesn’t really know you all that well, though, so she can’t really dislike you. You’re too… cute for anyone to really dislike anyway.”

“Aw, thanks Tiff,” Kyaira said. He flapped his wings as he stood to lead the way back toward the kitchen. “You’ll be working with her for the next six months. You can tell me what she’s really like. When we’re in the dorm together she won’t even talk to me.”

“You can see if you can nudge Martel out of his shell, while you work with him,” Tifferin said. “I’ve spoken to him a few times late night in the dorms. He’s like an enigma, wrapped in a puzzle and dipped in angst.”

“That makes me want to strike up a conversation,” Kyaira teased. She bagan to wash their breakfast dishes, handing them to Tifferin to dry.