Ride on the Wind and Ring Daybreak’s Bell

Myro rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he heard the summoning stone chirping from the communications room that was across the corridor from his nest. Denair met him in the hallway and followed him into the room.

“Hello, Icewind Caverns,” he greeted. He smiled wanly as he recognized Elder Jesin from when he’d lost his father. “Elder Jesin. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I have something of great importance to discuss with you but I’d rather do it in person. Would you be able to come here to Softwind Caves?” the wind dragen elder said. He looked serious but in good enough spirits.

“I’m afraid that the summer air has grown too hot for me to travel in,” Myro said with genuine regret. “I do have a trusted friend that I can send in my place, if you would allow it. He isn’t an ice dragen and not so affected by the heat.” He looked up at Denair and was rewarded by the other sire’s nod.

“That sounds like a satisfactory compromise,” Jesin agreed. “I assume he know where the Softwind Caves are?”

“He’s a wind dragen so I would tend to assume,” Myro replied with a grin.

“A valid assumption if I ever heard one,” Jesin returned. He looked ready to sign off when he paused and added, “I can tell you some good news that the eldest might also want to pass along. The son that Shyrala and I had lost to the demons during the war has found his way home.”

“Congratulations,” Myro said. He quirked an eyebrow at Denair and the other sire nodded. “My representative will be there by midday.”

“Thank you,” Jesin replied. The stone went blank and Myro looked seriously at Denair.

“You think this is about the dragen I saw in the demon’s realm?” Denair asked.

“I think it’s a very good thing I’m sending you if it is,” Myro replied. “Maybe you can add something to their son’s report. I’m sure they two are connected. Be careful. Good flight.”

“Fair winds,” Denair returned before he headed out. It would be strange to fly back into the wind dragen’s territory. He hadn’t returned to the region since his escape from the demons. A part of him was afraid to. What would the elder say when confronted with a simple half-breed like him as Myro’s representative?