Behind a Forced Smile, I Harbor a Grown Shadow

Myro woke slowly to the sound of several dragens talking at once. Then one voice over-rode them all. “Hush, friends. Elder Myro has been through a great deal. More than anything he needs rest.” The voice was a familiar one. It hadn’t been that long ago since he’d heard it. He let it draw him back to consciousness.

“Where am I?” he said blearily. He forced his eyes open but his head felt like it was stuffed with cotton and he was having trouble getting his eyes to focus. He’d heard Elder Jesin, but he didn’t really recognize anyone else.

“You’re in the Starburst Cliffs,” an older sire said from close by. “I’m Elder Taurin. You saw me at the convocation but we didn’t speak to one another. How are you feeling?”

Myro closed his eyes, trying to shake the cobwebs loose from his mind, then opened them again and sighed when things stayed just as unfocused. “I’m still a little woozy,” he admitted. “The fire dragen elder… I should know his name…”

“Zarentil,” Elder Jesin supplied. “You said he attacked you. What happened exactly?”

“I got overheated and landed in a stream – or the meadow that surrounded one, rather.” He closed his eyes, giving up on forcing his eyes to focus. The thought that something might be seriously wrong with them flitted through his mind but he pushed it away. Now was not a good time to let his more hypochondriacally driven tendencies run away with him. “I splashed water on my face but it didn’t help that much, so I decided to take a short dip – wait for the sun to go down a bit and the heat of the day to lessen. I was just starting to relax when I heard a familiar voice. I looked up and saw that it was the fire – Elder Zarentil and he had a horde of demons with him. He was quite calm about the whole thing too. Then he told me to relax and began chanting in some strange guttural language. He was just about to grab my shoulder and… I suppose assault me, so I flew.”

“You found your way here and away from them and then collapsed,” a sea dragen dam said. She seemed familiar as Myro opened his eyes to look at her. His vision was starting to clear as well, much to his relief.