I’ll be Waiting for You, if You Still Believe in Love

Pitching his voice so that it carried throughout the cavern he announced, “This night we are faced with an attack by marauding demons led by the traitorous Elder Zarentil of the Fire Dragens. Several other elders are on their way to give aid but we must hold them off until that help arrives. Zarentil seeks my life because I know of his falsehood.”

He glanced around the warriors and mages that had assembled before him. “I know that we can hold them off. Not only because our numbers are greater but also because we are defending our homeland and the lives of our young. Zarentil may be able to call upon reinforcements but he will not take this cavern while an ice dragen warrior or mage still lives.”

This proclamation was met with general shouts and thumping of tails. “I will fight with you, my people,” he added. “My mate will stay to guard the elderly and little ones.”

“To my last breath if necessary,” Saira proclaimed. Again there were shouts and loud tail thumps. Saira flew into the cavern, followed closely by Ryden.

Myro sighed in relief and turned to look out into the night, awaiting the arrival of the demons. He didn’t have long to wait. Just as a few of the younger warriors were beginning to fidget, the demons appeared on the horizon.

“Mages ready the ice shields,” Myro called. The demons wouldn’t be much bothered by the ice barriers but they would certainly give Zarentil pause. “Warriors, stand at ready.”

The shields flowed up from the mountain side just as the demons came close enough to stand out in more detail than dots with wings. Though the demons flew on, the effects on Zarentil were immediate. He lost momentum and spiraled down to the ground. Myro smiled tightly but didn’t gloat. They hadn’t won yet.