It’s Time to Say Goodbye to This Casual Everyday Life

Synaera flew alone toward Jesin’s Grayrain Mountains. Mage Denair was waiting for her at the Softwind Caves. It felt strange to be out and about. She rarely left her own home caverns and today she had gone to the convocation in the Goldtor Mountains, the meeting in the Stoneburst Cliffs and now was flying yet again. To be traveling so much was almost frightening.

She was relieved, however, not to be involved in any of the battles that this night would see. She knew that there would be battles, just as she’d known that Paesha would die and that Gynro was in danger. As the thought crossed her mind, there was a sense of calm. The warning that Seranil had given had been enough to avert the danger to her trusted friend. If he’d been forthright with them at the beginning, Paesha might still live.

She shook the thought away. Especially for someone with her gifts it was always best to look forward. Looking into the past never helped. There was nothing they could do to change things.