There’s No Rush for the Year to Pass

Seranil smiled as he watched his daughter and mate at the hatching. Braitha was at least as excited as Kina was. The pair giggled together like sisters at the thought of helping to raise the new little ones. The both squealed with joy as the first egg tore down one side and a squalling baby tumbled out into the soft nest.

“Hello, little brother,” Braitha said. She flapped her ear wings at the hatchling and giggled when its ear wings flapped back at her. “Papa, do you think he knows me?” she asked.

“Of course,” Seranil said as he settled on the edge of the nest. “You’ve visited them every day for the past month and chattered at them incessantly. How could they not recognize that voice?”

She giggled and clapped her hands as a second hatchling broke free of its egg. The little chick squalled and fisted her hands in the soft nesting material. Kina chuckled and picked her up, instantly quieting her cries.

The last egg rocked and rocked but the little dragen inside couldn’t seem to make even the smallest hole in the thick skin of the egg. Seranil shook his head and gently poked a small tear on one side. The family watched with joy as the tear grew big enough to reveal the hatchling inside.

The little one cooed and held out her arms to Seranil immediately. “Hello, little one,” he greeted her, lifting her free of the torn egg. “Are you happy to be out in the great wide world?”

“It would seem she is?” Kina said, snuggling the hatchling she held.

“I’m glad they’re all out and about. Soon we can play together all day. Right, Papa?” Braitha said as she bounced to her feet. “We can fly and explore the caverns, and – ”

“Let them fledge before you talk about flying with them, darling,” Seranil said. He bumped Kina with his forehead and murmured, “They’re so beautiful.”

“I’m so glad that everything is turned out so well,” Kina said softly. “Elder Toram is settling so nicely. Elder Synaera has decided that being out among other dragens isn’t so bad. She’s such a sweet dam.”

“Elder Teliya is settling in quite nicely too,” Seranil said. “A whole new generation of elders and young ones that will be able to live in a peaceful world… something I never thought we’d see.”

“I’m glad we can,” Kina murmured as she leaned on his shoulder. Seranil nodded but didn’t speak. For the first time in decades, he felt at peace.