Myro flew out over the plains, enjoying the feel of the wind in his face and the feather-light touches of the snowflakes as they fell by. He loved this time of year best of all: the briskness of the air, the seeming purity of the ground when snow covered it, the frozen ponds that he could skate across as he landed on them.

Something caught his eye on the snowy ground below and he circled back to take a look. For a moment, as he hovered over the ground, it seemed that there was a moving snow drift. He hovered lower for a closer look and saw that it was, in fact, a creature of some kind. Soft white fur covered the animal almost entirely. Only small tan horns and a coal black nose broke into the pristine whiteness.

The little animal was unlike anything he’d ever seen and Myro landed to get a closer look. The creature paused in its path and regarded him silently. It didn’t seem afraid, only curious.

“Hello,” he said softly to the creature.

“Hi,” the little creature said. “I’m lost. Can you help me?”

Myro blinked in shock but recovered quickly. “Where are you trying to be?” he asked. Now that he was close enough to nearly touch the creature, he realized that it wore a soft white tunic and pants that had blended so perfectly into its fur that he’d missed them previously.

“I… well, part of me wanted to go back home… to the other world, but… at the same time, my people are so marginalized there that this place is looking better and better. So… I suppose that I’m just looking for a warm place to call home for a while.”

Myro’s eyes narrowed and he edged closer. “The other world?” he asked. “You’re a… a demon?”

“I wouldn’t say that,” the little creature said. “We call ourselves Yeteans, actually. My name is Panre, by the way.”

“Myro… Myro Hailstrom. Do you mind coming with me… I’d like to ask some of my collegues what they think,” the young elder said. “What did you mean when you said that your people are marginalized?”

“The other folks who come from the other world regard us as pets or foodstuffs,” he said softly. “I actually escaped and ended up here accidentally. When I turned around to go back through the portal it was gone. I’ve been dodging the abominables since.” He looked down and added, “Those might be what you call demons. Big… ugly… red skin… horns… long tail… you know?”

“That’s them,” Myro said, relief tingeing his voice. Whatever yeteans were, they regarded the demons in the same way the dragens did. “I’ll take you to see Elder Jesin. He’s very wise.”