Panre took one last look over his shoulder before he bounded through the portal. He was intending to look for food for his older siblings and his parents. It never occurred to him that he would not be able to return. He clambered over the snowy rocks now, wondering if he’d ever see his family again.

Suddenly something swooped down over him. The being was a dragen. They spoke of many things. Then he, ever so gently, scooped Panre up and carried him off into the sky. A part of him was afraid. The abominables could fly like this also. However, the dragen, Myro, seemed kind-hearted.

They landed on a high precipice. Panre looked around in shock. The place was like and unlike where the abominables lived at the same time. It was a cavern, as they dwelled in. At the same time the place seemed open, alive and happy. There were no slaves here. There were no bars blocking off certain caves.

“Elder Myro, what an unexpected pleasure,” a tall winged being greated. His hair was very long and almost white it was so fair. He had an open, friendly face though. “And who’s this with you?”

“His name is Panre and he’s a yetean,” Myro said softly. “His people live in the realm of the demons and they treat them as they treated us. The problem being that… well…” he trailed off.

“They can’t get away as easily as we did,” the being who could only be the Elder Jesin that Myro had mentioned said. “Perhaps we can get together with Mage Denair and see about helping them.”

“I would truly appreciate it,” Panre said. He looked around the cavern and thought about how he had left home to search for food and had actually found help for his people.