Edward settled back in the chair he was bound to. To say that he was tired would be an understatement. He was exhausted, plain and simple. The men who’d taken him had kept him awake since he’d arrived at the deserted building they were keeping him in. He’d had a short nap between his home and this place but that had been hours ago.

“How old are you?” one of his captors asked firmly.

His respite was over, it seemed. “I’m twenty-seven,” Ed replied. “I was born February the tenth, nineteen eighty-two.” He gave the false year without any pause. He’d practiced the statement innumerable times with his friends and descendants. “I was born at my parent’s home in Germany.”

“You’ve said that before,” the man said softly.

“I’m gonna keep on saying it until you believe me,” he snapped. He closed his eyes again and asked, “What do you want with me?”

“You were not born in nineteen eighty-two. You were born circa the year nineteen hundred, perhaps in Germany – but perhaps not,” the man disagreed. He thrust a picture in front of Edward’s nose.

He recognized the men in the photo. He’d studied rocketry with them for almost two years. Alfonse Heidrich stood closeby him. Ernst was on his other side. It had been taken almost four months before Alfonse had been killed by a Nazi bullet. He studiously tried to keep his expression neutral as he said, “That’s a pretty old picture, huh?”

“You are in that picture,” the man said in a firm, calm voice. “You didn’t even bother to change your hair style since then. Almost eighty years and you haven’t grown an inch.” The phrase was meant to needle him. There was a time it would have done just that. He apparently kept his face calm enough because the man continued, “More importantly, you haven’t aged a year.”

“I’m twenty-seven,” Edward repeated. “I’m nowhere near a hundred; as I would have to be if that was me in that photo. That’s not me. It’s some kind of… ancestor or something.”

“Of course,” the man said softly. He turned away to let Edward rest for a moment or two at least before the whole thing began again.