Miles looked out over the school campus through the window of the room he’d shared with his room until that morning. Now it was as if he’d never been there. He’d cleared out all of his worldly possessions at the insistence of the prefects of the school.

Since Emery was now a graduate he couldn’t stay at the school. Miles leaned back against the wall and remembered his brother arguing with the prefects. They’d both begun as fourth years in the school. By rights, both should be graduating now, though Miles was nearly a year younger. That was the very reason he wasn’t allowed to graduate.

Emery was sixteen and able to be emancipated at graduation. Miles would be the youngest graduate ever. No mage had ever been emancipated so young. It was a precident the officials didn’t want to set. However the officials of the school didn’t want to list Emery as Miles’ guardian either. Therefore, Miles was in a sort of limbo. He’d completed his course of study but he wasn’t allowed to graduate for another year.

The idea that he might not see his brother for a full year gave him an almost physical ache in he chest. He’d never been apart from his brother, not since they’d entered the Academy. They’d been together since their father had disappeared… since their mother had died. They were all they had. Now they were separated by miles.

“Miles,” a voice hailed from the doorway. Miles turned and saw a student who was meant to be a year behind him and was going to be attending classes with him. “The president of the school wants to see you. Your brother’s new boss talked to him and wants something.”

Miles hardly dared to even voice the question that jumped into his mind. Was he going to be allowed to graduate with his brother after all?