He had never really considered himself especially gifted. He had simply done his work the best he could and followed the dragon within his soul until the two had achieved the peak of what they could. He knew his powers weren’t done growing. It took almost one hundred years to fully master bankai and he’d only been performing it for a few years.

He’d served his captain faithfully and quietly from the time he’d graduated the Academy. He hadn’t tried to draw attention to himself. People had noticed him, naturally. He was the youngest shinigami to ever become a seated officer in his squad. That kind of thing was bound to draw attention.

Now, his captain had given him a new challenge. He’d put Toshiro forward as the new captain of the tenth squad. He knew the tenth squad would be different from the squad he’d served in since graduation. They were the special investigations squad, instead of focusing purely on defense they investigated strange occurrences in and around the Seireitei and even into the human world.

He knew he could handle it. He would be the youngest captain ever but being the youngest at something had never stopped him before. It was time to step out of the shadows and shine.