It was unusually dark for the time of day. The dim light fit his mood. Emery sighed and pulled files out of his in-box. He began to leaf through them without really seeing the text or images that went with it. It was the latest in a series of almost make-work cases. It had been like this since they’d discovered his father.

The man had been hiding in a cave and attacking anyone who came too near. He’d attacked a number of wardens and even knocked Emery unconscious. He sighed and pushed the files aside. He’d been trying to get his father moved to a better facility, one where he might a little more free to roam instead of locked in a cell. It was more than obvious that Nathaniel Ballard was mentally disturbed – at least on the surface.

He’d seemed almost coherent when he’d spoken to Emery. He’d been worried about unnamed people who might be after him and whether the railroad workers or wardens had been sent by them. He’d been obviously upset about the mystery men fallowing Emery to the caverns. However, just as any father would be, he was concerned that Emery and Miles might not be safe. True the danger had been from the mystery men, but he’d recognized Emery and connected Miles.

There was also the fact that Emery was gifted in sensing trauma without a spell, as Miles was with sensing the emotions of people around him. If they had off-magic or semi-magic it was a fair bet that their father did as well. That being true cast his ravings in a whole new light. Emery wanted his father comfortable and safe. If only he could just cut through all the red-tape that was being thrown in his way.

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