Emery leaned back on the seat in the car. Unlike the last time he’d taken a trip like this, his brother was beside him. Hassett was driving them as usual. The difference lay in where he was driving them.

It wasn’t to the scene of a crime and the beginning of a case. It was to the outskirts of a small farming village outside the capital city where they worked. There a little house stood waiting.

It had stood empty for years. This was the first time they would set foot on the property in five years. The memory of their mother’s passing had made the place to difficult to live in, and besides, they’d had school and then work.

It was Miles’ idea to return home. Emery wondered, with a small sense of dread if the house would seem like home. He shook away the thought and smiled wanly at his brother. He could go anywhere as long as Miles was with him.