“So this thing can power the whole castle?” Orbsen asked. He held a small crystal in the palm of his hand. The lights in the room danced across its faceted surface as he turned it in his hand to get a better look at it. “Where does it draw its power from?”

“It draws its power from the weave just as we do,” the inventor said. “It’s a renewable resource.”

“Because the weave come from everything alive in the three worlds,” Orbsen surmised. “Before we set these up and start drawing unprecedented amounts of energy from the thing which gives everyone life, let’s make sure that it doesn’t cause any problems.”

“Yes, your majesty,” the inventor said. His voice spoke volumes of what he thought about the whole testing process, but he didn’t protest. Instead he would later grumble how the emperor held the future in his hand and set it aside to remain in the past.