Emery stood looking up at the starry sky in wonder. “I wonder how they knew,” he murmured.

“Who knew what?” Miles asked as he leaned forward and looked up at his brother. He followed the elder Ballard’s gaze to the sky above.

“I wonder how the wise men knew that there was a new star in the sky. I wonder how a new star comes to be in the sky anyway. I figured they were… just there,” Emery said softly.

“Stars die, too Brother,” Miles murmured. “They’re born and they die. They’re a lot like people in that way.”

“They must have been really watching those stars carefully to see it at its rising,” Emery mused. “The distance that star must have been from Earth, it probably took centuries for the light to reach us. Think of the planning that went into the birth of our savior.”

“That’s the miracle of the season. With God, nothing is impossible,” Miles returned.

“Merry Christmas, Miles,” Emery said softly.

“Merry Christmas, Brother.”