Morrissey stepped forward and waved the Ballards into the greenhouse. “Tell me what you sense in here,” he said softly to Emery.

“Well, there’s trauma… it’s faint but it’s there,” the older brother said. He rocked on his heels and frowned. “It’s a lot of people though. It’s weird.” He walked forward and paused at a bin of what looked to be soil. “It’s from here… this isn’t soil. Morrissey,” his voice had tapered off to hardly more than a whisper.

“That’s not soil, is it?” Morrissey said softly as he eyes the bin. “Is it ash?”

“Yeah… I think,” Emery looked at his brother. “See if there is any trace here, Mi?”

“Yes, brother,” Miles replied. He took out a small silver coated wand and began to slowly move it over the open container.

“They were alive when they were burned, Morrissey,” Emery hissed.

“There’s some strange trace too,” Miles said. “It isn’t something we have in this area. I’d say it came from… another of the islands.”

“So these murders took place elsewhere and then the bodies were transported here. What purpose would ash have in a greenhouse?” Morrissey said. Both Ballards shrugged and looked up as there was a creak at the door.

“Excuse me sir, some plants need ash… it makes there flowers grow to be specific colors. The gardener might have ordered some and the… um bodies got mixed up in it,” Corporal Franklin said.

“Which is why he was killed,” Emery said softly. “But how did the murder or murders know that someone had discovered the murders though. If they came from overseas, how could they know?”

“That’s for us to discover, Emery,” Morrissey said.