“We already have a cat,” Emery said as he caught his brother watching the kittens as they romped together in the shop window. “She won’t be happy if you bring another into her house.”

“She might like a little company,” Miles replied. “Look at the little gray kitty. Isn’t she sweet?”

“She’s very pretty but we don’t need another cat. We already have a cat,” Emery reiterated.

“But she’s more your cat than mine,” Miles said. “I like that little gray one.”

Emery chuckled and shook his head. They could go over and over the same conversation until Emery got Miles to leave the window. “Let’s go,” he said softly. Miles reluctantly followed him. The conversation would repeat itself when they passed the shop again. If it wasn’t the little gray, it would be another. He could only smile.