Emery scanned the text. It seemed less like a grimoire than a collection of spells and ideas for spells that some long ago mage had jotted down as they had come to him. There was no connected between the spells besides their proximity to each other on the page or in the book.

“Someone was willing to kill for this?” he asked Morrissey as he set the book back on the counter. “It seems like a mess – not something worth killing over.”

“The man who made that ‘mess’ was the most brilliant theoretical mage of his time,” Morrissey countered. “Even one of his ideas – if you could complete the task – would be worth its weight in gold. Besides, he’s supposed to have hidden a treasure somewhere in his house. The clues might be hidden in there.”

“The treasure’s probably more books like this one,” Emery said with a smirk before trotting out of the lab to collect evidence from the body.