Emery enjoyed reading more than anything. He wasn’t alone in this. Althea and Miles enjoyed books as well. It was the type of books they read that differed. Miles liked true stories, especially those regarding animals. Althea like ghost stories and legends of horror. Emery liked to read old grimorie.

It wasn’t often that the three topics crossed paths. Here, however, they did. He couldn’t seem to look away, even though he was shaking. An old spell, he wasn’t sure who had developed it or why, was described in the pages. It shifted living things, be they plants, animals or people, slightly out of phase with the rest of the world. Thus they would appear as shadowy figures that could interact with the world but make no sound. The book was so exceptionally descriptive that Emery could almost watch the shadows around him move.

Finally, he put the book aside and turned up the light. He shook his head, reminding himself to read that book during daylight hours. As he was heading to the kitchen to get a drink of water he froze as a shadow separated itself from the wall and drifted into his office. He was certain the neighbors could hear his cry of, “Miles!” If they hadn’t heard that, they certainly heard the stomping of his feet as he sprinted out of the apartment and down the steps.