“What does it all mean?” Hassett asked as he read over Emery’s shoulder.

“It means that in order to really learn; to really truly gain understanding of something, you have to be exposed to all points of view,” Emery replied. “Look at it this way. My brother and I were both taught by the same primary teacher, our father, then we went to the same school, the Academy, and had all the same teachers. That means that we’re basically of the same mind about most topics in magic.”

Hassett nodded. “That makes sense,” he allowed.

“In order for us to truly grow as mages, we need to have different experiences. We need to be exposed to ideas that we weren’t exposed to by our father or the Academy teachers. That’s why they hold conferences like this. So people can be exposed to new ideas and ways of doing things.” He smiled at the older man and shrugged, the man still looked a little confused. “Hassett, if you surround yourself with people who hold the same view as you and never meet anyone else, are you going to get any new ideas?”

“No, because everyone will continue to hold the same view,” he said, a light beginning to dawn in his eyes.

“That’s why we’re going to this conference,” Emery said with a decisive nod. “That and they have the most amazing tools there and venders like you wouldn’t believe.”

“You want to go shopping,” Hassett accused wryly.

“Yes, but I also want to learn something new,” Emery said with a wide grin. “I love mage conferences,” he added as he scampered off to ask Morrissey if the department would pay for the trip.