“Continuing education, hmm?” Morrisey asked after Emery had explained his request. “How does a mage conference count as continuing education?”

“It’ll broaden my horizons and expose me to new ideas,” Emery said firmly. There was no doubt in his mind that this was the only way to get the department to defray the cost of the trip.” They have some very interesting seminars at these conferences, you know. There are discussion groups led by, and filled with, people from all over the world.”

“Do you really need your horizons broadened?” Morrissey asked.

Emery shrugged and replied, “We’re still quite young and don’t have the worldly experience that you and the other investigators have. This kind of thing will keep our minds from stagnating… keep our ideas fresh.”

Morrissey nodded slightly and murmured, “Time to venture into that great ocean of knowledge, hmm, Emery?”

“Time once more, yes,” Emery said. “It’s always fun to try out new things.”

“Well, I’ll send it on for approval, seeing as you won’t always feel that way,” Morrissey agreed. “They’re bound to approve it, unless you have a pressing case. Is all your paperwork up to date?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you,” Emery said as he bowed his way out of the office. He smirked as the door swung shut on Morrissey’s last words, “Pick up a souvenir for me too, will you?”