Emery shuddered as he looked over the crime scene. This was the third woman to be killed in the same brutal fashion. The problem lay in the fact that the only thing that connected the victims was their gender and the manner in which they’d been killed.

“It’s the same weapon as the last two,” Morrissey said softly. “Emery, what’s your analysis of the trauma?”

Emery swallowed heavily and looked away from the body. “Lots of it. She was scared – terrified… and so hopeless. Then the pain starts. Hers mostly – his to some degree.”

“So we aren’t talking about a sociopath here,” Hassett surmised. “They don’t get traumatized by the injuries and death the cause.”

“Right,” Emery agreed. He looked down and sighed before adding, “Only… he… felt the trauma after she was already dead. He was abjectly horrified. During the murder… he’s feeling nothing at all.”

“Really?” Morrissey murmured.

“That’s the base reading I’m getting. I’ll do a stress test – best to do it right here in situ. That’ll give me a clearer timeline,” Emery said as he began to set up the equipment for the stress test.

“You’re not usually so uncertain,” Morrissey added.

“Crime scene isn’t usually so…strange,” Emery replied.