He watched the child struggle in his bonds that coiled, hovering in the air, around him. Truthfully, he only appeared to be a child. They suspected he was hundreds of years old. He glowed faintly as he tried to use his unearthly gifts to break free of the cords that held his powers in check. The glow was bright enough that it was difficult to see the childlike being in the center of it.

“What’ll we do if he gets free?” Roger asked softly. His voice held a slight tremor of fear.

“He won’t,” Allen assured the man. “He’s helpless in the bonds. He can draw up his energy but he can’t use it. Meanwhile, he’ll wear himself out straining. By this evening, he will be most docile.” He turned and swept out of the room. He could wait.

Galen sighed and finally let his energy subside. He would only wear himself out this way. Maybe if the humans thought he was exhausted they would loose his bonds and he could escape on his own. Otherwise, he would have to wait for a rescue.

He closed his eyes and tried to send out his thoughts. The others couldn’t rescue him if they didn’t know where he was. He didn’t know what the humans wanted of him, but it couldn’t be good. He may not be able to use his energy to break the bonds, but he seemed to be able to send his thoughts out. It was only a matter of time.