Night patrols were always the worst, in Nomiki’s way of seeing things. All around the compound the wolves bayed almost incessantly. The winds blew cold from the mountains.

“Now is the very witching hour of the night,” a soft voice said from off to his right. He turned to find Eleni Akakios standing on a platform above him. She hopped down and landed gently beside him. “The time between midnight and three AM. According to tradition, the supernatural is supposed to be more powerful now.”

He smiled and looked out at the darkened fields. “We’re supernatural too,” he pointed out. “If this hour makes them more powerful; it does the same for us.”

“True,” she agreed. “Even so… may I stay close by until the watch ends. I’ve never been fond of the dark.”

“I’d be glad of some company,” Nomiki murmured. “Another pair of eyes to watch for the wolves is always a welcome thing.”

She nodded and stepped up to his side. Their watch had only just started. They had a long wait ahead of them.