It was rare enough for the members of the Civil Defense Force to get any time off that when there was even an hour of down time, throngs of them could be found around Lake Elia. Some would swim, others would merely relax in the sun.

Now was not one of those busy times however. It was early enough in the morning that many of those who would usually flock to the sun-kissed waters were still sleeping. Only one soul stood on the beach, watching the sun as it rose over the water of the lake; listening to the steady rhythm of the waves as they flowed in and out.

Galen was not the type to frequent the lake at its busy times. Baking in the sun or swimming the cool waters was not activities he enjoyed. He preferred silence and solitude. Lately, with the dangers these activities brought, he’d had even few chances to relax.

After listening to the crash of the waves on the shore for several minutes, Galen drew his sword and began to practice. His movements were as sure and steady as the sound of the water he timed them to.

Back in the tree line a solitary figure watched the young captain practice. Tindara knew the other captain would be embarrassed to be caught in this way, but since he’d joined their ranks she found her occasional glances in his direction becoming more frequent and earnest. They were equals now, after all. There was nothing, except Galen’s shy nature, standing in the way of them making a match.

Still, she would wait until he was ready before beginning anything. For now she would merely watch.