Galen watched and waited patiently as the professor explained the objective of the exercise. He knew the man would call on him first. He took great delight in trying to show up his youngest student. All that mattered was that he understood what the man wanted him to do.

“Ceraunos, you’re up first,” the man said, as expected.

Galen bowed and trotted over to the line. He took aim at his target and concentrated on the words to release the spell. Seconds later, a dozen small arrows, one at a time hit the target dead center. He lowered his hand and stepped back, with an expectant look at the professor.

“Well done,” the man said, grudgingly. “Next.”

Galen bowed again and stepped back to where the rest of the class waited. “He wouldn’t hate you so much if you spoke to him,” Elias whispered.

“I’ve tried,” Galen said. Whenever he tried to talk to any of the professors, it was as if his voice was somehow turned off. The only reason he could answer verbal questions in lecture classes was because he focused on the blackboard and not the teacher.

Elias shrugged and murmured, “Your eyes do all the talking you really need in this class anyway.”