Roses are red, violets are blue
You know how this goes,
But it’s not any less true.

Tindara sighed. Tonight was the full moon, when people of their region traditionally declared their love by the silvery light. She wondered how many platitudes would be exchanged. She wondered how many of those who declared their love would be finding someone new by the next month.

She glanced toward the other captain and smiled slightly. He would not be the kind of person to blithely give his heart away. If he ever declared his love by the glow of a full moon, she was sure that he would mean the words.

A jealous part of her wanted those words to be hers. A more reasonable part told her that Galen’s heart was his own to give. The only way he would give it to her was if he learned how she felt and they began a relationship. She stepped up to him and her smile broadened. “Would you like to join me for some tea?” she invited.

“Sure,” he replied, his voice soft and uncertain. It was a step in what Tindara hoped was the right direction.