Heimdall sighed and watched, as he always did, across the rainbow bridge called Bifrost. He was the watchman, solitary and silent. Only when someone approached did he speak and then only to ask their business and send them away or allow their entry. Today had seemed no different, that is until Friga’s messenger had come across the bridge, returning from the human world.

“Good day,” she greeted. “I’m Gna; returning to my mistress, Frigga.”

Heimdall nodded and stepped aside to allow the maiden to pass. “Good day,” he murmured.

Gna turned and smiled, something no one had ever done. “The sun is pleasant and the air is fine today. Perhaps when I’ve finished my duties for my mistress, I’ll join you.” She scampered off, leaving him staring open mouthed behind her.

It was a beginning that would prove to be an ending. A forbidden relationship that could only have one logical conclusion. It was something he almost had no choice but to see to the inevitable end.